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Financial Assistant To Acid Victims

25th February 2014

Cross Learning

21st February 2014

Launch of ASFI Western Chapter

6th February 2014

Feel the difference to be a volunteer for this great cause

30th September 2013

We humbly seek your support by way of donation for Acid Survivors Foundation India undaunted resolve to support the recovery of Acid Survivors by enabling access to treatment and rehabilitation counseling therapy ,justice and hand holding during their reintegration into society and to improve their quality of life. Could we all join together to help Krishna to rebuild his life and fight the system……. Krishna Kumar Nunia is one of the Acid Survivors he was attacked on 7th of June 2012, by his in- laws a year ago, tied him to a tree and doused him with Acid. He has lost his right eye , and severe scaring on face and nose needs further plastic surgery to restore face and nose, Replacement of damaged eye with glass eye, needs advocate to fight his case, and a job to substain himself.


15th September 2013

Help the victims

Acid Violence

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