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Acid attack victim turns a doctor, gives healing touch to many

12th July 2013

Y N Mahalakshmi was attacked with acid by Chkkabasavaiah,

Acid easily available in Mysore shops

12th July 2013

Acid is easily available to anyone at a throwaway price in Mysore and there seems to be no regulation in place for the sale of this dangerous chemical

Acid easily available in some shops

12th July 2013

There are more than a dozen outlets that sell acid and other laboratory equipment in Mangalore.

NK passes acid test; no open sale here

12th July 2013

Last year, two incidents of acid attack were reported in Belgaum and the women were brutally burnt.

Shamli: Acid attack accused detained under National Security Act

12th July 2013

An accused in an acid attack case was on Thursday placed in detention under the provisions of the National Security Act

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