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Saving face in India

10th July 2013

it is estimated that there are as many as 1,000 acid attacks a year in the country.

India’s Acid Attack Problem

10th July 2013

U.K.-based Acid Survivors Trust International says about 1,500 acid attacks are reported worldwide every year.

What's India Doing to Stop Acid Attacks?

10th July 2013

Activist groups estimate that three acid attacks occur in India every week

Government not trying to stop acid attacks: SC

9th July 2013

The government is not serious about curbing the rise in acid attacks on women and must act swiftly to control the sale of dangerous chemicals

Jail for doctors who deny free treatment

21st May 2013

Section 166(B) of Criminal Law (Amended) Act, 2013 deals with punishment for non-treatment of victims of acid attacks or sexual or physical violence.

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