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Collaborations and Associates :

Associates are independent registered organizations with whom an understanding is reached towards a common purpose and collaboration for synergy and mutual benefit.

Internatinal Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC)

 We have reached a provisional understanding with a reputed organization in Chennai, namely, The International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC), a non-profit organization that was set up in response to the need for a support agency for victims and survivors of domestic abuse. Their services include crisis management, legal advocacy, and support and resource services. PCVC is setting up a 'Healing and Recovery Centre' for the care and treatment of burn victims including acid survivors. The MOU will be finalized shortly. 

 For more information on PCVC please visit :

Human Rights Law Network (HRLN):

We have been working closely with the Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) which is a collective of lawyers and social activists dedicated to the use of legal system to advance human rights in India. HRLN provides pro bono legal services, engages in advocacy and conducts legal awareness programmes. They have been helping victims of acid attack getting compensation from the respective state or Union Teritory governments and also fighting for justice in getting the perpetrator convicted. HRLN is having a large network of its offices all over India with their headquarters located at Delhi.

For more information on HRLN please visit :

Ati Jeevan Foundation : 

We have also established relationship for working closely with Atijeevan Foundation based in Bengaluru in the state of Karnataka. Their primary aim is to help acid attack survivors by supporting their rehabilitation physically, mentally and economically.  Atijeevan is striving to open the doors of opportunities for the survivors to earn their living with their own skills and talent and also help them to become economically independent in their lives. 

For more information on Ati Jeevan Foundation please visit :

Partnership :

 Acid survivors Trust International (ASTI) :  ASTI is a registered not for profit charity based in UK  that establishes and supports organizations where they are needed in countries that have a high acid attack rate and brings attention to this brutal crime at the international level, so as to get governments to enact their responsibilities and provide better treatment for survivors. It has helped establish partner organizations in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Uganda and Pakistan. India is the newest member of this partnership. Acid Survivors Trust International has been in the vanguard of campaign against acid violence and serves as centre of excellence.

For more information on ASTI please visit :

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