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In most cases, violence/abuse and acid attacks permanently disfigure, debilitate and, eventually, destroy the victim both physically and psychologically. While many attacks have resulted in slow and painful death, and in other cases have resulted in young women/children getting disfigured, maimed and confined to homes for life. They continue to battle medical, legal and social stigmas. The victims need specialized medical treatment/facilities both short term and long term. But it is almost impossible for the victim’s family to pay for the extensive medical treatment needed and for their rehabilitation and restoration as active members of society and thus many of the victims remain like a living corpse.

It has also been observed in certain cases that there is no scope for rehabilitation for victims/survivors and there is no one to provide support. Despite the fact that in most cases the victim knows the violator, the perpetrators often escape the law and are rarely brought to justice under the existing laws.The acid victims are to suffer physically, psychologically, financially and socially. Acid damages the tissues of the human body and even the bone. The victims become physically handicapped and lose their strength and potentialities. It is found that the acid victims suffer from rehabilitation and integration problem in the society. The persons with disabilities are normally dependent on the family members. But many persons with disabilities can do work and can be self-reliant, provided they are given the opportunity.

Government rehabilitation mechanisms/schemes for the victim and their dependents to be formulated  such as medical services, employment, education, rehabilitation, housing and other welfare measures taking into account the specific needs of the victim. In recent past the concerned state governments have come forward and provided employment to two victims. But these are exceptions and no policy or system exists for such rehabilitation for all victims in general.

ASWWF’s  objective is to support the recovery of acid survivors by enabling access to treatment and rehabilitation, counseling and therapy, justice and hand holding, during their reintegration into society and to improve their quality of life.

The support for campaign against acid violence comes from various sources including public, private and foreign benefactors.

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