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Trauma Informed Care Kit

TRAUMA INFORMED CARE Kit (TICK) – a new approach

Acid and burns assaults have more lasting and devastating psychophysical impacts on women than other forms of violence. They traumatize the women at every moment of their lifespan. Pain, constant humiliation, permanent scars, and the loss of dignity and a sense of belonging become a permanent way of life.

The idea is to address issues of prevention, medical treatment, psycho-social care and rehabilitation for women afflicted by acid and burns assault through a new transformative and healing approach, untried in this area before. The trauma-informed care approach is normally extended to people who are accident victims. This unique, restorative approach has also been successfully used with people who suffer from mental imbalances.

ASWWF with collaboration from experts in the field has formulated a toolkit to familiarize service providers, social workers and medical community with the new methodology. The above approach will be applied to female survivors who have suffered acid and burn violence. Physically, emotionally and psychologically devastated and caught in a seemingly irredeemable situation, this approach will benefit the neglected community of survivors who long to lead a life of normalcy.

The project was supported by Acid Survivors Trust International UK with funding from LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Vancouver, Canada. It is hoped that this approach will enable swifter recovery for survivors and facilitate their reintegration in society.

What is Trauma Informed Care Kit (TICK)?

TICK attempts to acquaint health care facilities and service providers (of several hues) with this approach - explaining and demystifying each of its components. The significance of this approach lies in the fact that it is survivor-centered and sees the survivor past the hospital treatment to her re-entry into her community. It is a set of explanatory and operational tools to develop effective trauma-informed practices and trauma-informed health systems within existing health care facilities and recovery centres for women acid and burn survivors.

For complete details refer to our sourcebook on Trauma Informed Care.

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